Any tip, loci etc to remember English tenses?

I’m Spaniard and I want to improve my English, especially tenses.

Could you share with us a few specific things (examples) you would like to remember ? I ask because more than often we remember well enough a lot and it is just a specific set of verbs/tenses/example sentences that need to be placed in loci.

For example

  • remember when apply continuos tense and perfect continuos


  • remember the list of irregular verbs

If you haven’t seen it, there is a list of forum discussions on the how to memorize vocabulary page.

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I meant actual sentences. Learning in context works great with languages. You could think of something you’d like to say, find the way to say it in a sentence, and place that in a loci. That s what I do and that has helped me much more than a list of rules or words (which is also great to do of course!). Practicing it right away in a way that reflects real life; well as much as it is possible. For me, its placing actual conversations and sentences in my loci and as I review them, I picture myself having the exchange with a native, or even better, find a language exchange partner to practice it with for real real :partying_face: