Any musicians in the house? Drummer listens once & recalls

Here’s something a bit different to what we usually get on this form: Music.

In this video,
This musician doesn’t play this form of music much. This is his first time hearing this song. In this video, he listens to the song ONCE and recalls the entire thing almost perfectly straight away:

This one’s only going to be of much interest if you’re a musician but think of all the information he’s memorising here and he’s doing it all with basically ZERO memory techniques of the kind we read on the forum. Now think about traditional oral cultures with song and dance and wow, this is a very under utilised goldmine in memory, including memory sports.

When I’m memorising music, I’m putting the patterns into emotional units and linking to my body physically. You can see some of this in this musician with his body language and mental rehearsal but I’d like to see more.

Now to apply this to other memory feats.

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I think this is largely how most of us mortals do it:

We have a bag of phrases, licks, tricks that we have honed to a fine degree for use in different timing and keys and in different places within the groove. These elements cause certain feelings and overtime we associate that feeling or vibe with a certain passages of music. Then we just automagically pull out the phrase that most feels like what we wanna say with our instruments.

There are certain “academic” things that fit in sometimes, like using the right scale or sequence of notes to connect the passages and phrases. Eventually these things get ingrained also.

Some people have honed an awesome amount of material for recall.

Then there are those outliers. I have been fortunate to play with 4 world class musicians in different bands. These guys could sing with their instruments. Spooky, but awesome. You can listen to one of these guys and within 20 seconds you know they are different. They neverpllay the same thing every night. Even when they have a bad night they still ķill it. You only knew they had a bad night cause they would tell you. Another funny thing about those 4. They all had substance abuse issues. Weird. They were really good freinds and great to be around most of the time.

This guy in the video seems like one of those that sings with his instrument to me. I have no idea how they do it. But think about it. If you had mastered an instrument where whatever you thought or felt would come out. All you have to do is listen to the song till you can hum it.

There is another video on youtube. It is a 4 min piece that 60 minutes put out about this 10 or12 year old music genius. I think it is called 4 notes from a hat. It is just a demo of her ability to take 4 random notes and write a song that sounds like one of the famous composers (Beethoven I think). Just awesome. Even better if you can find the whole episode where they talk to some of her teachers.

All of this is just my obsevation and opinion.