Any Memory Activity In Israel

I have done some research about any memory athletes or competitions in Israel, but havenโ€™t come across anything.
Does anyone have any information?
Does anyone live in Israel?


Hello. Iโ€™m from Israel and Iโ€™m a memory athlete but I think Iโ€™m the only one I have never met a memory athlete in Israel

I guess that is 2 of us so far :slight_smile:

A few more and we can have an Israeli Memory Champion (sounds grand).

Where in the country are you? Iโ€™m in J.

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ืื ื™ ื’ืจ ืœื™ื“ ืชืœ ืื‘ื™ื‘ ื•ื–ื” ืžืื•ื“ ืžืจื’ืฉ ืื•ืชื™ ืฉื™ืฉ ืขื•ื“ ืกืคื•ืจื˜ืื™ ื–ื™ื›ืจื•ืŸ ื‘ื™ืฉืจืืœ. ืื™ืš ืืคืฉืจ ืœื™ืฆื•ืจ ืื™ืชืš ืงืฉืจ ืื ื™ ืืฉืžื— ืœืฉื•ื—ื— ืื™ืชืš ื•ืืคื™ืœื• ืœืฉื—ืง ืื™ืชืš ื‘ืืชืจ

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@fogelmemory โ€˜s Hebrew message translated with google translator

Ni lives near Tel Aviv and it is very exciting to me that there is another memory athlete in Israel. How to contact you I would love to chat with you and even play with you on the site