Any advice for my system?

If number 15 is Albert Einstein for me, and AE is also Albert Einstein. How do i memorie 15AE? Because im confused whice Albert einstein image im referring, in my mind it becomes AE15, AEAE,


I would make one of the Albert Einsteins upside down to distinguish them! :slight_smile:


Just like we have Number Object System for single digits which helps us in making images for single digits or third digit in a three digit number, you should have a single letter system of alphabets also with you other than the Dominic system

In this way suppose your single letter alphabet system is say all animal/insects then the images will be
Albert Einstein riding an Ant holding Elephant in her hand


You could add markers, but another way to keep the images without adding something else is change the einsteins.

You could have 15 be young Einstein, and AE be the old Einstein we all know


Thanks a lot. Slowly i’ll try those advices.


Do you know what young Einstein looks like? Because I have no clue haha I can always look it up but for me, my brain will always think of the crazy hair Einstein!

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This is how I know the younger Einstein.


Haha it’s kinda difficult for me to remember this than the grayhaired no-comb look of hiw

What I do is to use “The Mirror Method”
Any double digits, or any double letters that are next to each other, I simply place an image of a Mirror.

Another way would be to use an image that represent 15.
My 15 is a Wheelchair.

I can simply have Einstein sitting on the wheelchair for 15AE, or Einstein Pushing the wheelchair AE15.

Hope this also helps.

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That is in fact the point of the difference. The fact that you are used to one more than the other will create a better mentally distinguishable image. You don’t have to use images like that, but it is a way to do it. You could do one as Einstein in a suit, one as Einstein in his furry shoes (*8QxA7q-f9t0-7jlc.jpg), there are a lot of ways to go about it :slight_smile:

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It’s funny how different his style is compared to the pictures of him as an older scientist. I was surprised to read that he was something of a lady’s man and a player his younger days.

Reading about this other side of Einstein certainly cracked my image of the humanitarian-scientist-sage.

Now I imagine two Albert Einsteins: the sweet, brilliant, absent-minded professor who forgot to tie his shoelaces versus his alter ego, the snappy dressing carouser, Mr Hydenstein. :smiley:


I have had issue with the major system with number reminding me of another number like 12 (tin) and 72 (can which caused me to think of a tin can) so i changed my picture that represents 72 to a cane and now no more mixing them up. I think it’s easier to change the whole picture then to try and create a work around like making one Einstein upside down or one sticking his tongue out. Maybe try and use Amelia Earhart or Aaron Eckhart?? Obviously you need to do what works best for your memory. trying both and see which one sticks in your memory easier. good luck.

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Thanks for the help

When you see 2 albert Einsteins is it 1515, 15AE, AE15, or AEAE? I do not use the Obrein system but the major system with alphabet pegs. I thought about the OBrien system and I would have 2 sets of initials. One for the number and one for the letters. For example just the AE initials could be: Amelia Earhart. Here is a complete list of over 100 people with these initials:

When im trying to recall, that’s become confusing. Because im thinking if which is number or letter. . So far im trying to move out from Dominic System. I like that system, it’s just that im enjoying more when i choose the images that i really like. .Thanks for the link.