Anki with subs2srs is amazing

Dear memory athletes.

For a while now I am using Anki for studying and want to use it now for learning a language, namely French
Now as we all know there are many decks available online, but I rather create my own content. The way I want to learn a language is called ‘‘Telenovela method’’. The telenovela method is learning a language by watching your favorite movies and trying to learn spoken words in the movie (I got the method from a book made by the author Andrew Tracey).

So the way I had been making flashcards went as followed:

  1. Print screening the image with the sub in my native language
  2. Print screening the image with the sub in the target language
  3. Ripping the audio
  4. Putting it all together.

This method took me hours, looked bad and all that trouble for not even more then 100 flashcards.

That was until I discovered Subs2srs…

Subs2srs can make 1000 flashcards for you of a simple movie of 1 hour and 30 minutes in less then 5 - 10 minutes with audio support! What makes this program even greater is that it has a bunch of option for making the subs not overlapping eachother and I also like the feature to have dual subs on 1 picture.

It surely enhanced my learning and if I practice every day I hope to be able to speak a bit of French at the end of this year.

I hope I can help someone with this post and may you be a succeeding linguist.

Have a nice day.


PS: Try this stuff out:

Tutorial for subs2srs


Thanks will have to check it out.