Anatomy mnemonics advice and focus

I study anatomy but forget! It is difficult to come up with images for some of the names of muscles.

Like gastrocnemius (a muscle in the back of the leg) I used the image of a nemean lion puking out stomachs kind of defying the gravity on my calf muscle (leg).

It is difficult for me to come up with names for others like hallucis digitorium longus which is a muscle in the medial side of the back of the leg.

**I don’t use mnemonics for all muscles some are easy and the name kind of gives it away like “quadriceps” or “deltoid” I also try to find other associations like:

Anatomical snuff box ( a depression in the back of the out stretched hand) I imagine myself sniffing that area (snuff)**

Does anybody know some techniques for me to use?

Mnemonics take effort! How do you people keep yourselves focused and more determined about them?


P.S. I have issues with remembering branches of nerves and vessels too!

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Ideas for images:

  • “hallucis” sounds like “hallucination”, “halitosis”, or HAL 9000
  • “digitorium” sounds like “digit” and “sanitarium”
  • “longus” sounds like “long”

You could come up with some keywords like that and combine them in a story.

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