Anatomy and Physiology Questions

Hello everyone, I am Roaming Francis. I’m a beginner to the memory world and am applying the method of loci and Anki to my Anatomy and Physiology course. I have run into some difficulties and was hoping for some guidance.

My main difficulty right now is memorizing parts of the cell. Learning organelles and their functions seems very abstract to me, and so I’m having trouble coming up with images to remember each part. For example, the rough endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for the production of glycoproteins and phospholipids, but I have no idea how to visualize this! I am also a bit frustrated because the course seems to be aimed towards memorizing these concepts without a deeper understanding of how we came to regard them as true.

My second question is in regard to using spaced repetition in conjunction with the method of loci. I have begun making Anki flashcards on my laptop, but I’m not sure how to synthesize the two best. Is there one method I should focus on? Should I use both equally?

My third question is how to structure my memory palace(s). I am currently using my house as my first one, which so far contains information regarding body regions, some organelles, and parts of the microscope. As the information grows, how should I structure my expanding palace? Should I have one journey for the skeletal system, one for the integumentary, etc? Or should I have them intersect somehow? Is there a way to structure my journeys so that I also understand the body parts in relation to each other and not just in isolation?

Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it.

Roaming Francis

Wow, you’ve done a lot of great work!

As to the parts of the cells. We were instructed to draw them out using colored pencils. The different colors helped with the visualization. Then we’d use an arrow the some color as your Endoplasmic Reticulum pointing to Glycoprotien, etc. Our textbook had beautiful colored plates that we could copy.

I’m not familiar with Anki. I use Cram. Cram does the spacing for me based on my success/failure rate. So if Endoplasmic Reticulum -> Glycoprotien was Loci 89 in my Cram card set for Cells. I can have the card prompt me with either Loci 89 (Hal Needam in my Dominic System) and I try and recall ER -> GP or I start with ER->GP and try to associate that with Loci 89. That the synthesis for me. Cram does all the spacing based on my responses.

Whether I need a new palace depends on me. Some palaces I can reuse over and over and never get mixed up. Other time my images get mixed up and I need a different palace for each topic.

Thank you!

Drawing with colored pencils sounds like a good idea, and I will check out Cram as well.

Another aspect I’m struggling with is that I feel like I’m memorizing without gaining a true understanding of what goes on. We’re learning these explanations but not why we know the endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for xyz and not Zeus or Poseidon.