An easy question ;) ... Extending the major system

So I tried search but I’m looking for a pragmatic answer.

Finished my first pass with the major system.
Still engraining it but now I want to use it to memorize the squares from 1-120.

My initial thought; create 20 more pictures then I got to atheism/autism and I said bleah.
So then I said ok… Seed Sun, Seed Sum, Seed Sore… and again bleah that just seems wasteful.
So then I think modify the image with some kind of adjective, roygbiv.
Then I think just start making more unique images they will encode faster.
Then I think atheism…

Do I just go after 10 Actions in the PAO for now and that takes me to 999 and probably gives me more memorable imagery to encode and a lever to take me to some kind of PAO (although my memory of peoples images is remarkable non-existent - I will never be able to describe someone to a sketch artist. For example, I have a hard time imagining my wife’s face. I recognize her immediately when I see her of course and after a little noodling I can do it but the idea of using the P in PAO later to increase the size of the mnemonic space seems a little tough.

Is this fairly common and do you just keep working the faces until they are familiar? I know people carry pictures of their children but I always just assumed it was to annoy me.


I have an incredible hard time picturing people in my mind, but a Person goes further than how they look.

Lets go with an easy one most people have a basic image of: The Hulk.

He is a big, green ball of muscle that smashes everything he sees. There is a personality there, there are key traits, there is behaviour, sounds, smells, all those things make a Person, not just how they look in their face