Among us

hi I am trying to create a memory palace using the map of among us any tips?


I’m not familiar with the game, but I took a look at some of the maps on this site.

I’d probably try to imagine myself in the space, walking around and interacting with things.

Here’s an example from another game with flattish-maps that I’m more familiar with (Baldur’s Gate). (I didn’t want to post a screenshot of the Among Us maps, because I don’t know if they contain spoilers.)

I’d probably take a screenshot of the map, or find a map online. Then I’d add marks to the locations.


  1. window
  2. step ladder
  3. on the shelf
  4. between the sacks
  5. on the light
  6. on the lower shelf (there are many details on the shelves, so it would be possible to add more locations to the shelves)

Then I’d close my eyes and practice mentally walking through it as if I were in the scene so that I could have a feeling about the spatial relationships.