All Mnemonic Alphabet Systems and the Rhyme Method Combined

I have combined all the Mnemonic Alphabet Systems which are Below
1.First Letter method
2.Letter Sound Method
3.Letter Shape Method

With the rhyme method

Note-This list is not complete and in a typing mistake that I made I pressed a shortcut key inside of a letter after which I pressed enter to go to the next line and due to this accident my post(Maybe because of the shortcut key that I pressed) was posted beforehand, However, have decided not to delete it and I will gradually add more Letter-Object pairs to this post as soon as I can.
And I have created a memorable dialect of the English language with 26 words to do this and below are the original words
A- Shoes(A-shaped)
B- Fluffy Bear (B shaped like a bear shape fluffy toy positioned in the B shape)
C- Art Pallet
D- Stair(Curved)
F-Vacuum Cleaner Pipe
L-(A Mining Tool)
m-Cook’s Hat
N-A broken Slipper
P-A Stick
Q-A Handmirror
R- Wrapped Chocolate(With Golden Coloured Wrapper)
S- Snake
T- Table
U- Bowl
V- A Nail
W- A triangular Glass with a triangular frame
X- A rejection board(Maybe used in some competitions)
Y- Funnel
Z- A Chair

And the rhyming words in this dialect of English are

  1. A- Agresshoes
  2. B- Bountfluffed Bear
  3. C- Calculart Pallet
  4. D- Dearestair
  5. E- E-Whistle(Will be Changed)
  6. F- Frivaccum
  7. G- Grumglove
  8. H-
  9. I-
  10. K-
  11. L-
    13.M- Masscook’s Hat
  12. N- Neligibroken Slipper
  13. O-
  14. P- Pestick
  15. Q-
  16. R-
  17. S-
  18. T-
  19. U-
  20. V-
  21. X- Country Board of rejection
  22. Y-
  23. Z-

Maybe my pronounciation is different from yours, but I don’t see any rhyming words.

m-Cook’s Hat

Is this Sam Cookes (famous singer) hat (M rhymes with sam), or is it m-shaped or both?

@erikfromholland I have updated this post with an explanation and this post now contains 13 rhyming words of this dialect now which were mostly made by combining rhyming adjectives with the names of objects that look similar to the first letter of their starting letter(ex-A looks like A-shaped shoes, J looks like a playing slide and C looks like a C shaped Art Pallet which was combined with the word Calculator to create the rhyming word Calculart).

I had written m as cook’s hat because it is m shaped.

I see that you changed the word shoe by way of mixing it with another word so that it begins with the letter (A in this case) it represents which is quite clever. But I still don’t see any rhyming like in the very often used single digit number pegs:
one- gun;
two- shoe;
three - knee;
four- door;
five - knife.

Am I looking past something?