Alert sound

I have an idea that may improve results in each discipline on memory league.
I personally have a trouble been distracted by the clock several times during memorisation because of urge to know how much time is left. And it takes away a precious time from actually pushing forward to your best. Furthermore a sudden realisation you have, for example, last 10 seconds drastically slows you down in the end with a burden of some kind of stupor. I guess i’m not alone having that kind of issue.
So i figured out that short sound alert can help with it. Let’s say it warns you when 5 secs are left so that last 5 seconds you can spend on memorising stuff by vocalisation. It’s similar to sound alert in online chess.
What do you think?


It’s not a bad idea. I think It’s worth a try to test it out to see how other would react to it.

Another idea I posted in the chat but got no reply yet, is a Metronome.
So the next set of data would change on auto by the seconds we set before we start.
I think that also would improve the memorisers in Training mode.


I’ll try this to see how my times improve. Usually I keep glancing at the time and once I have 5 seconds left I just brute memorise the next 6 digits.