Advice on memorizing shuffles of ascii characters

I have to memorize shuffles of the following 97 ASCII characters (enter, tab, and \ are escaped with ):
\t\n !"#$%&’()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~

iSkjT\nNxHyp~uWFCG t80eY+Ua{#]3Q>KqVEPwMXD"nvmL[7_=\zI6%bR\to);@<2O95Z1|B}A`J&($l:?rfc!gh^/’.*s4-d,

Long term recall isn’t important for this. I just need to be able to memorize the shuffle quickly and retain it for an hour or two.

Anyone have an idea of what type of system could be good for this?

Appreciate your input :blush:

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The formatting got a little messed up but hopefully people get what I mean with escaping characters.

I’m still a little stumped on a good system for this but my copy of “Memory Craft” just came in so hopefully I can get some inspiration from that.

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That looks like about 99 characters. You could make 100 locations in a memory palace and place two images per location. See the how to memorize numbers page for information on how to create a mnemonic system. See also the how to memorize letters page. The symbols would also need their own images.

Thank you for the links!

It looks like 99 because of the extra backslashes used to escape the newline and tab.
I’ve double checked it’s 97 by generating the sequences with a program and getting the length of the sequence.

I think I might do a PA or PAO system for this - just to try it out. I’ll copy what I can from existing systems for letters and numbers, and then try to get creative with some of the special characters.

An issue might arise from trying to come up with good associations for mirrors or capitals: [], {}, (), <>, jJ, aA
I would need images that I can’t mix up with each other. Maybe uppercase could be proper nouns.

Can I just use nouns instead of people? I don’t know many people …
@ -> bat eating bugs
$ -> Bill Gates loaning money
c -> cat throwing up a hairball

[email protected] -> Bill Gates throwing up bugs

Coming up with good loci will be another task. I’ve just moved, so there are plenty of interesting places around me I could try converting into them. Either that or I could use maps from games I’ve played.

Very new to this but this is both fun and hilarious (PAO has always made me laugh).

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I personally would just grab a numerical 00-99 PAO and assign a number to each character, that would seem the most simple if you already have such a system.

A palace or peg list could also work. 97 organized loci, perhaps numbers in room 1, capital letters in room 2, small letters in room 3, bracket types in room 4, etc.

Memorizing it quickly is a matter of practice though. You need to associate the character with the PAO image which takes time.

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