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First of, sorry if this are really frequently asked questions, I’ve searched a bit and thought would be helpful just to post a question.

Well, my situation is, I’m a student from Brazil and in about 5 months I’ll have a big test to apply to a university. For my luck all tests to apply to any college here are really, really easy, the problem is that they are extensive, and require a lot of crystallized knowledge. Knowing that, I thought since I’ll need to memorize a lot it would be in my interest to optimize my methods of memorizing.
That’s where I found out of all of this world. I ended up reading the book ‘Moonwalking With Einstein’, which I think it gave a decent understanding of concepts such as Memory Palaces, Major System, PAO, Dominic, which are great, for memorizing numbers.
But, I can’t really go around of turning words, sentences, and abstract ideas into something more memorable. As exempli gratia, how does one go about of memorizing the nomenclature of dozens of scientific terms and their meanings.

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you post a few examples, we could help brainstorm some ideas on how to convert them into images.