Advancing from beginner to mastery

Any advice on advancing from a novice stage.

I became interested in memory training after reading “Moonwalking with Einstien”. It’s quickly becoming an obsession.

I’ve also completed Dominic O’Brien’s “Quantum Memory Power” and “Unlimited Memory” by Kevin Horsley.

I’m starting “How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Toolkit” by O’Brien.

I need to absorb large amounts of technical data quickly, learning programming languages. A secondary focus is literature and languages.

Do you have any advice moving forward?


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, there are some resources on the how to learn memory techniques page. If you post a specific question about something you’re memorizing, people here could help brainstorm ideas on how to approach it.


I went down that route trying to learn JavaScript, etc. With memory palaces and systematically learning lists was not working. What Did work for me is putting full projects in a memory palace, example, Build a Airbnb clone, Build a portfolio, etc from scratch. Then redoing them straight from memory. You can find many real world apps tutorials and courses online for this ! Cheers fellow coder!


Thanks for the tip! I’m currently learning iOS development, Xcode and Swift.

I did a Python bootcamp last November. I wish knew some of these techniques then.

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Yes, my best advice is to just get started, every time you practice using the mind palace you find mistakes in your method and you come up with new ideas for yourself. Most of my techniques for using the mind palace I found just through trial and error. The most important part is if you are trying to learn one specific thing you want to come up with images for the consistent words in that type of information. You start to develop a sort of new language of objects and images just around that topic. Coming up with new images is the part that takes the longest so just practice using the technique with this type of data.


Thanks for this thread. I work as a programmer but never really thought of going beyond stack overflow and actually using memory techniques there. It’s quite an eye opener