Adding longer events and making Memory League more beginner friendly

(Francis Blondin) #1

I like to recommend Memory League to everyone who wants to start training their memory. I wish I could just leave it at that, but unfortunaty I also have to direct them to a variety of other ressources. Very short exercises are fun and worth doing, but you’re missing something if that’s all you ever do. One minute goes by way too quickly for a beginner. Sure once you’ve reached level 10 you can go into the options to practice remembering 50 words in 5 or 10 or 20 minutes if you want to, but you can’t do that unless you cheat or you’re very skilled in the first place. And while you can always try to go faster, you can’t ever try to remember more than those fixed limits. Are there any plans to introduce more options for people who want to take more than 60 seconds to practice memorising more than 50 words or 80 digits? 5 minutes digits or words matches would also be fun I think, and a good way to train focus.

Sure I could just tell people to use Memocamp instead. It’s an awesome resource, but the problem with this site is that it’s too expensive for beginners and casual memorisers, plus it’s a mess full of misplaced German words, terrible translations and frequent technical problems. Memory League on the other hand is neat, well presented, very affordable and easy to use. I feel it could become an almost perfect training tool with just a few added features.

(Simon Orton) #2

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your comments!

Beginners can use the custom training options to give themselves more time if 60 seconds isn’t sufficient. They don’t need to be level 10 to do that. They can take up to 30 minutes to memorize the level 1 data if they want. However, they will only reach level 2 if their memorization time is 60 seconds or less.

The only thing that is limited based on level is that people can’t use the custom training options to increase the number of items to be memorized beyond their current level (unless they have a paid account). But anyone can change the maximum memorization time when training.

We do have plans to increase the maximum amount of memorization data, so people can do events like 5 minute words or 5 minute numbers. Initially, this will just be a training option, and down the track we may look into being able to compete in these longer events.

(Francis Blondin) #3

Thanks for the reply and glad to know about the future plans. Of course that’s up to you, but I would vote for beginners with a free account to practice 50 words with however long they need. It’s a very worthwhile exercise even when you’re just starting out. That option might be helpful for those who might never reach the required level 10. However I do understand that various incentives to get a paid account have to be kept in place.


I agree, having an option to memorise more data for 5 and 10 minute events is something quite essential, even if it is initially released for the self-training mode. The interface of Memory League is very pleasing and user-friendly and it would be great to have ML as a single go-to resource for training in the future. Since this would involve quite some additional effort, I suggest it could be rolled out as an additional package which can be purchased, for instance having one package for the Quick events (the current format) and the other could be for these Not-so-quick events.

Irrespective of how it comes to be, the important thing is that it does get rolled out soon. I’ll be keen to wait for it! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with Sanchit, we really need 5+ minute events to be able to train the longer ones that we do actually encounter in memory competitions. Memocamp is something I have and others do as well, but there are a variety of issues with it which Francis Blondin has mentioned. I suggest that for now, you simply allow payed memory league members to write down how many digits they want to be generated (or what ever event for that matter) and that you allow them to write down the time as well, which is already implemented. Just adding that would fix the issue for the training part, but making it compatible with the competition aspect as well would be great. Anyways these are just ideas I am throwing around here, Cheers!

(Silvio B.) #6

I think adding longer events is a great idea. If it’s just in training at first, that’s fine with me. I’d be glad to see it in competition-mode later on, though. The possibility to compete is what kept me (as a beginner) interested in memory techniques, so that might also apply to the longer events. Who knows, it might actually motivate me to take part in a real-life competition one day :smiley:


I also think making the free attempt to 5 instead of 3 will help more beginners and also make the website more active.