About using English words for my mnemonic peg system

Hello everyone,

This is Jasleen from India
I’ve been training since 9 months and I have progressed a little so far.
My question is, can a non native English speaker use pao system in English? Or rather just stick to his/her mother tongue while making pao system?
Are there any south Asians/Non native English speakers who have managed to use English systems and found it helpful? English is the 2nd most widely spoken language here in India as it is the lingua franca.

I request you guys to please guide me regarding this as I’m a bit confused.


That means you already made your pao system, right?
Did you made it in english or hindi language?


Hi Raja,

Yes, I did mine in English as I don’t get to speak Hindi a lot.(Born and brought up in Bangalore and Kannada being the language commonly used)

I used almost all the common english words which we Indians use in our day to day life.