Abhishek from Dharamshala, India

Hi there everyone,
Abhishek here from Dharamshala, India. Have heard a lot about the forum. Glad to be a member.

My aim to join the the forum is to apply these techniques to education. I’m 32 years old. I feel that I have serious issues remembering stuff that I read when compared with people around me putting in the same amount of effort. I’m extremely keen learning to apply the memory palace method to learning new subjects.

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Hi Abhishek , nice to meet you.

Welcome to this site. Now you joined this community so don’t worry about your memory (It’s just the matter of practice and right strategy)
That you will find here.

Well , I am also from India :india:.
I recommend you firstly understand the concept of memory palace technique that is the core of many techniques.

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Let’s talk about memory ,
If I have to say this in short , Our main motive is convert any data , numbers , words , names into picture form and store them in any location.

Location can be your school, your house , your favourite game , store , stationary , and so on…

Roger. Thank you so much