ABC VIP? (Story Method Question)

[I did think about putting this in the current ‘Mixing Up Info’ thread but figured it would be better as a new general, apologies if the Mods feel otherwise]

I’m currently working on learning Old English vocab via the Story Method after a recent video from Johnny Briones mentioned the advantages of doing it that way. I am , however, ‘framing’ the story in an outside Journey. An example because I am making no sense? But of course: In front of house number one I have, running left to right and interacting with the building, 4 OE words/prepositions
Ac = ‘but’
Aefre =‘ever’
Aefter= ‘after’
Aenig = ‘any’
In an effort to keep this forum ‘clean’ I shall say only the ‘image’ or ‘story element’ for the first word is an Ack-Ack gun emerging from a butt…it goes, in terms of decency downhill from there or rather ‘uphill’ as the next image features mount Everest painted on the building.
The wordlist I am using is ordered alphabetically but the story would often be easier to compose if I were to change the order of the words.
So thoughts ? How important in your experience would be keeping the alphabetical order of things?


I hope you don’t mind me having fun with this, here an AC is the air conditioner, so I’ve got

Air conditioner coming out of his butt(dude in front of house)

Mount EVERest with a FREnch baguette under his armpit, that’s the house.

A ladder (shape of A) is smoking an e-cigarette : that’s just to remind me that “after” is just like after but with an e stuck to the A. And I know it’s after. I purposely placed it’s on the right and the house

instead of snow on Everest it’s honey (the ig in honig, honey in German), my friend Annie “any” is bathing in it, yes, on EVERest, yes, on my house s honey roof :joy:

No I don’t mind in the slightest, infact any suggestions -even jokingly- are useful. AC is Air Con here too but the OE ‘Ac’ was (probably, always ‘probably’ with a ‘dead’ language) pronounced with a hard ‘c’ or ‘k’ sound. Hadn’t thought about the FREnch one, nice! My own was that Ack Ack gun shooting an ‘Affe’ (German for monkey) up EVERest.

‘ig’ was probably pronounced like a modern ‘ey’ sound so ‘honig’ would have been said as ‘honey’ and ‘aenig’ as ‘any’.My own take on ‘Aenig’ was 'Anna(‘s) Knees’ and I shall stop there as it might make Baby Jesus cry if I go on…

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:dizzy_face::joy:you just made me see my own ‘Anna’s knee’ !!! This is contagious, thank God

I like the the way the slightest extra information one has on the piece to remember, in this case the pronunciation, slightly bends the shape of the mind’s creation process. Reminds me of a black hole’s effect.

I suggest you don’t look up what the word “After” means in German…for dear Annie’s sake :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ich habe es nicht gelernt,gott sei dank !!! PS I really dig your avatar, what are you trying to burn there with your cigarette?

Burn? Nothing, I was proudly displaying a packet of Semois tobacco that I had to journey up a mountain in the Ardennes to acquire from one of last Semois makers.

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