"A Successful Artificial Memory Has Been Created"

“The growing science of memory manipulation raises social and ethical questions”

“Memories are essential to the sense of identity that emerges from the narrative of personal experience. This study is remarkable because it demonstrates that by manipulating specific circuits in the brain, memories can be separated from that narrative and formed in the complete absence of real experience. The work shows that brain circuits that normally respond to specific experiences can be artificially stimulated and linked together in an artificial memory. That memory can be elicited by the appropriate sensory cues in the real environment. The research provides some fundamental understanding of how memories are formed in the brain and is part of a burgeoning science of memory manipulation that includes the transfer, prosthetic enhancement and erasure of memory. These efforts could have a tremendous impact on a wide range of individuals, from those struggling with memory impairments to those enduring traumatic memories, and they also have broad social and ethical implications.”


Silly scientists! Wait until they realize that a successful artificial memory palace can be created.


When sufficiently advanced maybe we can then download ‘knowledge and experience’ ala the matrix.

Seems humanity is working very hard at digging it’s own grave


It will still be beneficial for people struggling with memory problems and diseases Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AHDH etc. On the other hand, minor memory issues can be recovered using memory techniques like memory palace.