A small pedantic help

I have came across the word “сосуд”, in Russian, that appears to have an umbrageous meaning. I was searching images related to that word, and it is unclear to me what is the most proper word for that. It appears a flagon, but also a canister. Here are synonyms of “jar”: It you are a learned person in English, please help me.

I have bad news for you. I did a Google Image search on “сосуд” (a good way to pin the meaning of some words), and I found various containers, which are described by many different words in English: clay pot, jar, vase, flask, bottle, decanter… So there isn’t really a single best choice.

I suggest you do a Google image search on each of these English words to see the nuances of the different terms.

I think (only think, a russian speaking member might correct me) is that the word might mean something like a container. Something that is (naturally or artificially) created to hold a liquid.

A thought based on the different translations into the languages that I know.

I don’t use Google because I believe it is a hideous company that stores citizen’s information and use its user activities to improve algorithms that easily could be used against citizens in a remove future; I only use duckduckgo.com. I searched for the word and that’s why I asked. There are images for decanter, flask, chalice, etc for that word. I would like to know if there is something in common in all those images in which an unique word contains all the patterns of them; just like an IQ test.

What intrigues me is that is seems that the word restricts itself to pots and canisters (flasks, carafes, flagons, etc…), and the images that appears give a impression that the word is somehow archaic and related to something rustic or arcane.

When in doubt, ask a russian. I went the easy way for you and asked a russian speaker. Here is the reply I got.

Is [сосуд] a container made to hold a liquid?

Exactly. Also a blood vessel or the like. So the word ‘vessel’ covers the two meanings. But not a boat or another craft, for wich there is the word судно (the stress is on у).

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Yes. The word сосуд is best translated as “vessel” or “container” in English.

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