A question about memorizing a textbook

(Pugna) #1

For context, the bio textbook doesn’t have an equal amount of important information in every chapter. Some have a ton of information, others are pointless to memorize.

  1. Is it advisable to allocate the first few loci (example 10) memorizing the chapter list of a book?
  2. If I do that, how does one go about linking the 4th chapter straight to the loci it’s located in (example loci 35)?
  3. Would simply memorizing the key points without the content in locis in order be better?


(Josh Cohen) #2

You could do that or even use a peg list, like the number shape system, to memorize the 10 items in the table of contents.

Then place the number shape image in the associated location to link the chapter with the content.

For example, if chapter 4 is “Genetics”, you might use an image of a sailboat for the number shape image. The image for genetics might be a strand of DNA. If the section on genetics starts at location 35 in the memory palace/journey, then also place a sailboat in that location. Or you could use a different journey for each chapter/section and place the relevant number shape image at the beginning of each journey.

(Pugna) #3

Ah thanks. If I understand this right, there will be two of the same number tags. One in the content loci and another in the meat of the book.

(Josh Cohen) #4

I’m not sure if I understand how you’re doing it, but if you have two numbers and you don’t want them to conflict, you could use two different number systems. I use number shapes for labeling locations and a modified Ben System for the numbers themselves.

(Pugna) #5

Got it, thanks a bunch josh.