A problem 😞

(aavash kafle) #1

While memorisation when time is about to end i tend to feel anxious and I panic during that last minute and my performance :disappointed: !! What can I do??
And I always tend to look the time while memorisation and it makes me late!!

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(Josh Cohen) #2

Does it happen every time or just when you’re aiming for speed?

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(aavash kafle) #3

Most of the time.


(Josh Cohen) #4

Do you know why it’s happening? Maybe you could train yourself to not worry by intentionally delaying for an extra second or two before stopping the timer (intentionally ruining your score). If you can get comfortable with a slower score through desensitization, it might be less stressful when it happens accidentally. If you’re just training, no one can see you anyway and it doesn’t matter.

Just an idea – I had to desensitize myself to many things in life, and I don’t worry as much about things any more. :slight_smile:

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