A Potential "CHEAT" Strategy for Spoken Numbers

Here is a video that teaches you how to count from 0 to 1023 with you 10 fingers, if you are blessed with more, even better :smiley: as you can count Wayyyyy (twice as much) more with your fingers than the rest of us.

Anyways, so the problem with spoken numbers is that sometimes I get too caught up with visualising the current number(s) said, and just can’t kept track of the next ones. Hence if I can train my “muscle memory” to recall the next 3 digits automatically, how easy will it be to continue forever :smiley: (ambitious hypothesis no haters please thanks).


some additional simular “cheats”:

  • putting your left and right feet in certain place on the floor;
  • squeezing a muscle (1 =abs, 2= left thigh, etc.);
  • looking at an angle (using an inmaginary clock as reference).
  • putting your tongue in some position (against upper teeth = 1, against lower…)

I imagine cheating a whole ten digits is childsplay.

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AWSOME tips @erikfromholland, thanks! Might take a while to do it automatically without interrupting visualisation of current digits, but it would work super once I get there ^.^

I forgot the best one: putting your left and right hand fingers on an imaginary number keyboard:
that’s 10 digits all by it self. It might require some finger flexibility. Given how these methods add up substantially, one is quickly to suggest that in speed memorisation these methods will indeed be used by some competitors.

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