A Poem: The Phenomenal Mnemonist


The Phenomenal Mnemonist by Sean Neal (myself, A.K.A. Mnemon)

This palace of memories
the Mnemonist builds
architect of archetypes
You are my brother
the musician is my mother.

Let us take a walk
down memory lane
where ideas are stored
and retrieved again.
The Mnemonist is a
master of simile -
her mind a vast gallery,
elaboration embroiders
In chaotic harmony.

Number Shapes,
Number Rhymes,
Systems Thinking,
Space and Time
Repetition of inner vision
Alphabets her prime precision.
Roman Rooms - Palaces tower
For memories stored with power.

Imagination and exaggeration
Association with animation
These are the keys for memories
stored in the brain organically
With organization mnemonically
For revitalization in subtlety.

But what can the skilled Mnemonist do
in learning things so fast and true?
A hundred new words in a single day
memorized in short times delay.
Anatomy, Chemistry, Physics, History
All of these are such a breeze
for the artistry in memory -
The only limit is her creativity.
The celebrated yearning
For accelerated learning
Is within the grasp
Of great validity.

Like The Tree of 40 Fruits
The Phenomenal Mnemonist
Has many roots, and many shoots
This spree of knowledge -
Her occupation
Is inosculation
Ideational sensational