A New 2-Card System



Extraordinary, Lance. I am amazed by the amount of attention to seemingly small but actually quite important nuances! They definitely aid in learning the system as well as getting used to it. Also, I would like to add that The Shadow System is indeed a very cool name that you thought of :smiley:

Given the remarkable results of several athletes, the 1352 Image (based on your adaptation of a 2 Card system to the English Major system) + 2 Block hybrid idea now seems to be catching up! And since all systems have one name or the other, might I suggest it be called β€˜The Lancelot’. Definitely sounds better than 2 Card with block system haha. Unless someone has an idea for an even cooler name!

(Braden Explosion) #82

Lance does explain if you read and reread carefully (it took me like 30 reads before it clicked) how to fill out the remaining images. I am in the processing of filling mine out. I have less than 100 and I’ll have 1358 read to rock!