A New 2-Card System




But, to be clear, you do that or use the alternate/shadow images.

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Any chance I can get half a deck example on this please?

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I just finished watching Nelson Dellis interview the World Champion. They spoke about his card system and I have a better understanding of the Shadow System. It seems very complex!
Especially when attempting multiple decks.

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Boooring … we want a Youtube video explaining this system :slight_smile:

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I’ve done it…
I’ve just understand 70!% of this system :slight_smile:

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Really? You’re a whole lot further than I am. From what I gather there’s two
two separate journeys and something that looks like this:1=#:spades:#:heart:-T,D/#:heart:#:spades:-T,D

But I don’t understand how it’s organized. Not until I see how the whole system is used. Right now it doesn’t make logical sense. I’d like to see an example of maybe half of a deck being memorized. I’ve read what a great a system it is and I’d like to give it a try.


It makes perfect logical sense.

The post shows two different ways of achieving the same goal - memorising two cards with half the images of a Ben system.

With Hannes method, you change loci depending on the suits of the card pair. With Lance’s method you use your original image or a shadow image depending on the suits.

Im not sure where youre getting two journeys from?

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I think I misinterpreted the “2 block method” to mean something else.
" will memorize cards in blocks of two, with each block being just one image.
Each two card pair will be matched with another one, one that has the exact opposite suits(For example 2h+8h will be matched with 2s+8h)"
Okay so #h+#h comes up,do I wait for the next available #s+#h to come up? And if it’s #c+#d?
I’m willing to accept a 10 card example at this rate!

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This helps though:


I watched that video the other day. The vibe I got was “we don’t have all day – just…talk to Lance about it.”

How cool is it that post #33 in this thread is Alex Mullen saying “Lance, you won me over. I’m going to do this.”

A little piece of history.

Graham’s doing a great job holding down the fort here. You’re clear as crystal :slight_smile:

Johnny, from all you’ve said, I only see one question that looks present and unanswered, and that is this:

“Okay so #h+#h comes up,do I wait for the next available #s+#h to come up? And if it’s #c+#d?”

Unfortunately, this question doesn’t make any sense. :frowning:

Do you want to try again?


I found the Ben System worksheet and it has 3 digit numbers associated with specific card pairs. Do those numbers associate with the same card pairs as the shadow system?

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1352 two card system can be issued to all the combinations?

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I need a list of all 1352 two card system combinations. Can be issued to look at it?

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Sorry, I do not understand the combination of two card system. Hope you can issue a list below

(Honje Watanabe) #75

Hope to get the following list of 1352 two card system all combinations

700 CAs (Briefcase) 10♦10♦ Cas (Cuffs)
701 cast (cast) 10♦A♦ CAst (CastTakesBow)
702 cus (casino=roulette) 10♦2♦ CUs (Plenko)
703 gas (gasmask) 10♦3♦ GAs (ScubaHelm)
704 gIz (geyser) 10♦4♦ Giz (Volcano)
705 Sul (Castle) 10♦5♦ SUl (Oubliette)
706 gach (gaschamber) 10♦6♦ GAch (Furnace)
707 Gask (Gasket) 10♦7♦ GAsk (Wrench)
708 Kis (Kissyfist) 10♦8♦ KIs (MasterHand)
709 casp (casper) 10♦9♦! GOsb (Ghostbusters)
710 kIt (Kite) A♦10♦ kit (Boxkite)
711 Kid (Katydid) A♦A♦ KId (Mantis)
712 cotn (cotton) A♦2♦ COtn (CottonCandy)
713 cut (cutman) A♦3♦ CUt (Megaman)
714 gAt (gator) A♦4♦ Gat (CrocHunter)
715 cuf (cuttlefish) A♦5♦ CUf (OctopusRide)
716 kij (cottagecheese) A♦6♦ KIj (fruitcup)
717 Kak (Catacomb) A♦7♦ CAk (WeddingCake)
718 caf (catfish) A♦8♦! Cat (cat)
719 cult (catapult) A♦9♦ CUlt (Trebuchet)
720 gun (gun) 2♦10♦ GUn (Gunslinger)
721 cand (candle) 2♦A♦ CAnd (RomanCandle)
722 can (Cannon) 2♦2♦ CAn (Doomcannon)
723 Gan (Ganewmede) 2♦3♦ GAn (Scorpion)
724 Grak (Gunrack) 2♦4♦ GrAk (SwordRack)
725 Cun (Canole) 2♦5♦! Kenl (Kennel)
726 Gonj (PottedGanja) 2♦6♦ GOnj (BigPurpleNug)
727! Gong (Gong) 2♦7♦ Conk (ConchShell)
728 conv (converseFloat) 2♦8♦ COnv (RedConsMoonwalk)
729 gub (gunblade) 2♦9♦ GUb (Firebomb)
730 cam (camera) 3♦10♦ CAm (Flashbulb)
731 com (meteor) 3♦A♦ COm (comb)
732! kO (Kimono) 3♦2♦ GE (Gi)
733 Cum (Chamomille) 3♦3♦ cUm (cumin)
734 kIm (Chimera) 3♦4♦ Kim (Seymour)
735 cul (camel) 3♦5♦! KEl (Chameleon)
736 Guj (Gumdrop) 3♦6♦ GUj (Icing)
737! cank (Camcorder) 3♦7♦! komk (Kamikaze)
738 Camf (Camouflage) 3♦8♦ CAmf (PolkadotSuit)
739 gumb (Gumby) 3♦9♦ GUmb (Goomba)
740! corp (Corpse) 4♦10♦! Cors (Corset)
741 cart (Golfcart) 4♦A♦ CArt (Sandtrap)
742 corn (CandyCorn) 4♦2♦! Grin (Grinch)
743 Krum (Krum) 4♦3♦ KrUm (Lydia)
750 gold (GoldBars) 5♦10♦ Gud (GoldGutter)
744 Cor (AppleCore) 4♦4♦! Cort (AppleCorer)
745 Gril (BlackGrill) 4♦5♦ GrEl (TheBigGreenEgg)
746 CArj (Carriage) 4♦6♦! GArj (Garage)
747 Crik (Cricket=Sport) 4♦7♦ CrIk (BagofCrickets)
748 corv (Corvette) 4♦8♦! Curv (StartingFlag)
749 crip (cripple) 4♦9♦ CRIp (CripWalk)


Hi all. I’m having difficulty to build up the 352 image. Can anyone be willing to share these? Thanks a lot.

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hi duyhoa83 :


hi duyhoa83 :

My image system is consists of 13 2 digit image, image is divided into 1352 1100 digital map + 252 poker image composition. Of which 352 poker figure 100 figure by double digits in the image instead

Hope I can help you


I just finished learning my 3 digit system and I fully understand the Shadow System as well, however I am stuck with naming some of the 360 Extra Card Images.

Do you have any advice that could help me out?

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Thank you very much Lance for the explanation. And special thanks to Johannes Mallow, his idea is of using locis that ways is genious!!


I don t speak english very well and i don t understand.my order of loci is living room, bath, bedroom… the image is duck in living room and the second image is pencil but it s contains in the second block…the pencil goes to in the bedroom…do you have examples? With five cards…thanks