A multiquote feature for replies would be useful


For replying to forum posts, I think a multiquote feature would be helpful.

Here’s an example from TenForums. I selected a thread with only four posts, so the “Post New Thread” button is on the first page:


To use MQ:

  • Highlight a snippet.
  • Press the MQ icon at the lower right of each post.
  • Repeat for any other snippets.
  • Finally, press the “Post New Thread” button at the foot of the first page.

The reply text box opens with all snippets inserted in sequence.


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(Josh Cohen) #2

There is one here, but it works a little differently. Place your cursor where you want a quote to appear. Highlight some text in someone’s post. Click the “Quote” button that appears. Keep repeating until you have all the needed quotes inserted.

It should look something like this:


If it doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll make a quick screen recording.


That works fine. Thanks.

I haven’t seen the method before. Did you invent it yourself?


As a matter of interest, the screenshot shows that after 21 minutes, my post does not yet show in the “Latest” topics page.

But my post is actually available for viewing if you click that link.

(Josh Cohen) #5

I didn’t invent it.

Are you referring to the position of your user avatar? If the original poster has left the last comment, their avatar will have a drop shadow, but I think that the order of avatars will stay the same.