A method for remembering numbers with Olfactory memory(WIP)

In this method for difficult numbers which can also be used with other methods,

There are smells which are associated for numbers 1-5 and then for number which are greater than 5 that smell is converted into the smell of a candy,

For example-

1 - Apple(Smell associated with this number)
2 - Orange(Smell)
3 - Mango(Smell)
4 - Papaya(Smell)
5 - Banana(Smell)

1+5=6 - Apple(Smell: Candy)- Small made into the smell of a candy.
1+5 =6 - Apple(Smell: Candy)
2+5=7 - Orange(Smell: Candy)
3+5=8 - Mango(Smell: Candy)
4+5=9 - Papaya(Smell: Candy)
5+5=10 - Banana(Smell: Candy)

For repeating numbers the name of a smell(ex-Guava) can be verbally changed and expanded and the word juice can be added after it,

For Example - 44(Popcorn Juice)
99 (Papaya Candy Juice)

Example of this system with an object system


Wire with Apple Juice before passing Apple Candie(s) in New Year

Corrected for Grammar and Made more memorable in a second phrase- A wire in an Apple Juice before being passed Apple Candie(s) in this New Year.

The Problem- I can remember long sentences which encode a lot of numbers for me but I am having difficulties translating them into numbers despite the words in those sentences being in my list of words,objects…(Smell associations and so on…),

And this system is still a WIP and this system also uses Olfactory memory because it is the strongest memory of humans(If I remember correctly,But please correct me if I am wrong),


Have a Great Day.

Olfactory mnemonics. What an interesting idea. I think I will play with that idea.