A loci within a loci?

I have a list of words I want to memorise and I also want to group multiple words of the same type into 1 loci. I had an idea to create an image for the first word in the centre of the loci and then add other words to the left, right, up, down, forward and backward around central image. Thus being able to store 7 words in 1 loci. The makes sense in my mind however the position of each word is proving a bit hard. I’ve heard of people putting a Die in each loci and putting an item in each side of the Die. Just wondering if anyone has done this before and if so how?

Loci: elevator doors
Centre: Tongue
Left: Octopus
Right: Watch
Up: Qualify

You can use locations within locations. The faces of a die look similar, so it might be easier to use objects within a location. For example, if your location is a chair, you could break up that location into 6-10 locations on the chair.

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