9307 × 7992 by Soroban?

I know it’s bothering, but everyone need help and my curiosity maybe can help others :slight_smile:

Try this:

@Kinma I will try. But do you think Soroban’s multiplication is better than the traditional (cross product) one?

My goal is being able to do the faster multiplications, surpassing myself every day

Personally I would go for the cross multiplication.
Try both and see what suits you best.

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In this case btw I would use neither.

Think about it:
9307 × 7992 = 9307 × 8000 - 9307 X 8.

And; for a mental calculator, 9307 X 8000 is the same calculation as 9307 X 8.

So do 9307 X 8, add 3 zero’s and subtract. Done.