91 and counting

My mind is going at a faster pace. I’ve put in some marks for learning binary code. Coming back to the forum, I got up to 86 combinations of zeros and ones from my previous best of 62. Now, as of today, I now have 91 binary code sequences :closed_lock_with_key: into my :brain:. For personal information, I remember now the numbers, dates, and CVCs of all of my :credit_card:. And I have noticed that I’m starting to recall little quick thoughts that, before, would always escape me. I’m not focused on it and I can forget it if I’m immediately distracted. But then, I recall it. So there’s that also. And I can do 2-digit centigrade to Fahrenheit in under 10 seconds. Fastest time is 5 seconds. :grin::grin::grin: