836^5 calculated! Warming up #1

This one was just to get used to calculating 3 digit powers again. My answer is wrong but I am still happy with it.

As you can see, it took me close to 1 hour to calculate. This one was pretty rough. 836 is much harder to multiply with in your head than 298, which was my last large power calculation. The numbers get large faster. I’ll probably do a few more small power calculations like these next week.

I had a dream a few days ago that I calculated a 3 digit number to the 17th power and now I am motivated again x)

I think that extreme powers calculations like i.e. 17th power are within my reach but I would need to be in top form and unfortunately my sleep schedule is all over the place again, I am seeing a doctor for it currently.


Hope you can manage your sleep in order to do this calculation, it will be great.

Good luck.

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I actually found out where I made a mistake.
At 836^3 I calculated 584,267,056 but the correct answer is 584,277,056. I feel like I’ve seen the correct answer before but I guess I continued with the wrong numbers.

But 584,267,056x836= 488,447,258,816 which I calculated correctly.

And 488,447,258,816x836= 408,341,908,370,176.
1 digit off my answer.

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