6/3 in 2.4 second


Hi @Daniel_360 @Nodas and all the others could help
As I get more proficient on division in the last two months, my weakness on typing speed and accuracy has been amplified, I need to look at the keyboard sometimes and an error would ruin the total time.
I can’t be much faster if I still type that bad, but I don’t know how to improve it.
Very grateful to hear from you guys.

That’s a great score—well done!

To improve the typing part, consider using the 3x3 numpad on your computer (you can get them external for €10 if you need, search for “USB numpad”). I don’t do this but probably should…

For calendar dates, there are only 7 possible answers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 0) so I just put one finger over each key.


Thanks Daniel!

I only use my index finger for typing on numpad. Using multiple fingers at the same time is hard, I don’t know how to do touch typing. Is there any software for it?

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Very good score. I agree with Daniel.

Both hands on keyboards is the ideal for an optimal response and reaction time.

I have never seen a WR for such a 6/3 category, but me and Daniel have seen with our own eyes Mrs.Lee doing a WR of around 55 seconds in 10/5, in some recordbreaking sessions during MCWC-2018.

I never asked Mrs. Lee to try for such a 6/3 record, but based on what I’ve seen from her during 10/5, I estimate she would do around around 8 seconds, for all ten 6/3 correct, assuming she would be proficient with the keyboard setup, and assuming that she still practices.

Besides Mrs. Lee, the next best in divisions are in my opinion, Marc and Georgi from Europe, then Bhanu and maybe others from India, and probably several other Japanese soroban users as well. I believe that most top Soroban users would use less than 10 to 12 seconds to complete such ten 6/3 tasks, successfully.


Thanks for your valuable explanations @Nodas!

I have two little points to discuss here:

1.To finish a set of 6/3 tasks, 41 keystrokes is needed.
The fastest speed for single hand typing on numpad is around 8 keystrokes per second(not quite sure about that), so even without calculating it still requires more than 5 second to type the answer out.
Though those skilled calculators could calculate while typing, I think it is unlikely to reach 8 sec(5 strokes per second) on 6/3 with answer typed, maybe 12 sec is more likely I think.

2.Ms.Lee and Marc are undoubtedly great masters, but Mr Bhanu Prakash is not a counterpart to the names mentioned above.
It seems to me that Mr.Bahnu is misleading others about his performance.

Thanks for your patience.


I did some google search on ‘most keystrokes per second’.

Some pro gamers make 10 moves per second … "Most professional players can get up to five or six hundred actions per minute

In the calendar record subcategory of 365 dates, I have registered around 150 seconds myself, which means around 5 keystrokes every 2 seconds. Each date in this category has 4 digits (e.g. 15-04) so essentially I have to process around 20 digits per 2 seconds, for short bursts.

So, I think a processing 10 digit per second and 8 keystrokes per second seems quite humanly possible. Daniel has also written a very nice article on human processing of numbers on his website.

Also, there are 3 ways to give the output of the result. All these ways have different speeds:

  1. By typing. Like in Memoriad software. I believe this is the fastest in most people who are dexterous with keyboards.
  2. By writing. Like it happens in MC World Cup or in Soroban contests. Still fast, but arguably much harder to write more than 2 digits per second.
  3. By voicing/declaring/announcing the result. Very common in the past. Occasionally used today by Arthur Benjamin or Scott Flansburg shows or other MC public demonstrations.

Also, I did not say that Bhanu is on par or as good as Mrs. Lee or Marc in multi and division, but he is good in his own right. But probably he needs his own thread for further discussion thread, because people have some misunderstandings about him or other Indians.

Well done again.


Thanks for your reply @Nodas!

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