6/3 divisions in 22 sec

video demo: New video - YouTube

I could never imagine before what I have got in last three months. Division used to be my worst one in the four operations.
Though the actual speed is still slower than multiplications and not sufficiently optimized, but thanks to the less digits typed, the average division speed is faster ‘on paper’ now.


Absolutely amazing.

Keep the good work!

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Thanks Benjamin!

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Good job! Do you just do mental math or some memory training too? I always wonder if memory training helps with this.

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Hi and thanks @Parkouristx!

I used to do memory training. To my observation, it may did some help, but in order to get better progress, direct calculation training is essential.

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Ah okay. Interesting. I assume if you try to go a pure memory route that you would reach a limit that could be crushed by direct training? This is something I always wanted to try out!

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nice score. almost 3 result digits per second.

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A little handy trick using Memoriad software which makes my day

Remap any key you don’t use close to numeber pad on the keyboard to ‘left mouse click’(I’m a computer newbie, so there are many keys I don’t use)
Place the cursor on the the ‘finish’ button at the result page
Combine it with the ‘enter’ key, now you need mouse no more.

Ps: If you accidentally done something wrong and want to quit the running task, you have to use a mouse. In this situation you can horizontally move your cursor to the ‘back’ button, and use your left hand to strike the space bar, after enter the main page, press the space bar again and move your cursor horizontally back to the center.
It would still be quicker than simply use a mouse to do these operations.

I don’t know if my explanation make sense, my explaining ability in English is almost 0.
This trick would save me several seconds per task and I really really like it.