52 objects through major system for deck of cards


can anyone explain me how to develop 52 objects for deck of cards through major system


Here’s a simple way, although there are others. Assign a number to each of the four suits, for example 1=Spades, 2=Clubs, 3=Hearts, and 4=Diamonds. For each of the cards A-10 (letting A=1 and 10=0), you can identify each card with just two digits, one representing the suit and one representing the face value. For example, 5 of Spades can be represented by the number 51 (5 being the face value, and 1=Spade).

Now you take the 51 and use the Major System to develop a word. Since 5 is the “L” sound and 1 is the “T” or “D” sound, a good word for 51 might be “light” (you add in whatever vowel you want in between the consonants). The image for “light” might be a light bulb. You do this for the rest of the cards. For the face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings), you’ll need to come up with your own sound assignments, since the Major System just covers digits 0-9. Or, alternatively, you can just make up arbitrary images and memorize them by rote, since there are only 12 of them.


very very thanks . could you please tell me this system is usefl upto what time limit could we reach to near 21 seconds with it or any other system we should adopt


There are no limits to which a system can be useful. There is no better or worse, you just have to put in the effort.
You won’t get under a minute after a few days of training, no matter the system you use.


if it is so why memory champs dont use 52 object system for deck of cards instead they all uses either ben system or shadow sytem please dont make me fool


because it is what works the most comfortable for them.

There are various reasons why people use what they use, and by turning your logic around there is another problem. If there would be a best method, why do different memory champions use different techniques regardless?

If you feel comfortable with the ben system, use the ben system. If you feel comfortable with the shadow system, use the shadow system.

I can’t work with the block and shadow systems for example, they are not fitting to me, which I found out by practicing. There are people who get fast times with a P-system, Nelson got very close to 30 seconds with PAO, three of the sub-30 on our list are done with 52 images and 26 or 52 loci, which are similar systems. Ben pridmore got to the 20-25 second range with his system, does that mean his system is worse than the block system used by Alex Mullen to get 16.22? no, it just means that Alex has a better mastery of speedcards with the block system than Ben does with his system. Each system has strengths and weaknesses, so you have to find out what fits you.