5 New Words Everyday (G,H,I)

Everyday, I am learning five new words that corresponds to each letter of the English alphabet. To avoid flooding the forums, I will post every 3 days with 15 new words. The letters being used are in the topic subject. after I get to Z, I will create a new post and try my hand at reciting all 130 words and their definitions. the words and definitions you will be reading are typed from memory, you have my word that I will not cheat. Here we go!

Gaffe- Socially awkward or tactless act
Garrulous- Full of trivial conversation
Gastronomy- The art+practice of prepping, cooking & eating good food
Gentry- Highest ranking members of society
Germane- Relevant & important

Hackneyed- Repeating too often; over familiar through overuse
Hapless- Unfortunate & deserving pity
Harried- Persistently troubled; especially by petty annoyances
Hegemony- Dominance or leadership of one social group over others
Herculean- Extremely difficult; requiring great strength

Iconoclast- Someone who attacks cherished ideas or institutions
Ignominious- Deserving or bringing disgrace or shame
Imbibe- Take in liquids
Imperceptive- Impossible or difficult to sense
Inchoate- Partial in existence; imperfectly formed

I think this would be a good way to engage with other members of this community. I dont expect this to take off immediately, but maybe over time it will. The next letters are J,K & L, so if you want to participate, give me 1 word from each letter that I could learn the definition of and maybe a mnemonic device you came up with to help tie the word and definition together. Thank you for reading my entry