3x3 multiplication PRs

Slow but still a personal record I am pretty happy with it.


Just beat it

Only one minute later
Update: Got close

12 seconds

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Sub 12!!!



Why dont you try 8 digits X 8 digits?

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I probably should get back to that. I haven’t trained for the past few months and am just getting back into it.

Just curious to see. You seems fast.

Really? I didn’t think it was very fast after seeing what the 8x8 records were

Well, they are records for one reason :wink:

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Very nice!
I recommend you could prioritize doing more task.

And don’t forget divisions…. It would be quite hard to redeem it later(my personal experience)


I don’t have a technique for it. Do you have a method that I can use besides abacus?

Maybe try cross method? Maybe @Daniel_360 could offer some help.

I personally use the vertical method, though very few people use it for mental calculation, I think it’s quite nice

What is the vertical method? Can you please explain it?

Hmm…My English is quite bad, I don’t think I can explain it well…

It’s something like this, it’s fairly simple. Also there are many resources on the Internet.

If you have any practical issue while using it, I will try my best to elaborate.

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Anyway exellent! How long have you been training abacus?

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Umm, I’m not sure if I understand it correctly or not, maybe he means that he already hear about soroban but he don’t wanna use it

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Nice—it’s good to see your progress!

Note that 1-question PRs are often a result of occasionally getting an easy question, like 101 × 543. Since you’re already fast, see how many you can solve correctly in the 2-minute time limit!

The method I got tagged to share is cross-multiplication, which will help you for larger sums if you aren’t already using it.


LOL, I have never been mastered such MIP 8x8, even 3x3 I feel hard.
I can handle 2x2 pretty well now with reference number 10,20,30,…,100.
Since, grade 10 I seldom use mental calculation, bc we are allowed to use calculators in exam. :sweat_smile:


I have been doing mental math for 1 month in total I took a 3 month break and started again yesterday

I have tried the full 2 min but only managed 3 before time was up. I think I will continue training speed until I am cosistently sub 12.
Anyway new PR.