[30 min / day for 90 days!] Let's see the results!

Day 19, first time I tried to memorise deck of cards, I actually did but there are errors. 10 errors in 20 mins. I actually skipped one-card without realising it, so when I came to last item, it was weird situation :slight_smile:
Added 50 more loci today, still looking forward to finding a way to add more. I think I couldn’t understand gavino’s system good enought or I have some problems…


Great journal!

Thanks @metivier
Day 20-21, I had done research on Dominic Hotel, SEM Cubed, Cranny Method. I also added 60 more loci to my network using gavino’s system. I have 69 more days to go and still got a lot to learn!

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Day 22, I became a human calendar! Slow one but working one.


I could not do anything in 2 days, I had to travel and then do some stuff etc. Tomorrow is a whole new day! I am looking forward to doing more practices as I do practice of Day 23.

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I have been doing some of the things I should, and some of the things I should is still remaining.
I practiced constantly, it has been 16 days, i practiced at least 10 days till today.
I have realized my number system sucks. I just put nonsense names to make it, so trying to change it.
Also, I would love to visualize biology, chemical reactions. So, my focus is on studies a lot more than general things.