[30 min / day for 90 days!] Let's see the results!

I will update here, i will try to update daily(if i don’t forget :slight_smile: ). So, I have listened to quantum memory power, and I did my Dominic system(completed numbers, will memorize actions as well). Then i will try to memorize cards etc. Let’s see what i will get in 90 days!




Keep us posted on your progress and if you stick by doing it for 30 min I’m sure you will have great results at the end.


We are curious, keep us posted



Thank you all for good wishes!

#1 [1h] I watched some videos from Anthony Metivier, I know the stuff about numbers-cards but I think I am weak on memory-palaces. I also rewiewed my numbers for Dominic system, actions on their way!


#2 [40 min] Learnt more about memory-palaces and flashcards. Tried to recall my dreams.


#3 [1h] I have read some memory-palace stuff of this forum and made research about how to recall, long term memory etc. In 3 days, I am planning to start the action itself! Let’s go!

#4-5 [2H 30 mins at total] I had’nt had time to write it down here, sorry. Got exams, and many-more stuff. I think I just understood the memory palaces, and I will start using them today!

#6 [1h] First time I used memory palace for biology. I have tried to list my memory palaces. I have listed totally 55 of them so far. I hope I will find more to use! I also started Dominic’s “How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week” I had done first-second week’s exercise. Scored 58 from the first exercise! I have a lot more things to do, “Patience and persistince is key to success.” once a wise man told me!

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#7 [1h] I used MP for biyology which is cool!, did 3rd exercise from Dominic’s book, I have read many old-posts from forum and mullenmemory.

#8-12: I have memorised my 00-99 again, also written actions for all numbers now gonna memorise that.
Memory palaces are great. I hope as time goes on I will be faster.