3 Months left for my graduation exam!

My Exam was delayed until September, and this exam will determine my future.

Math, Biology, Physic and Chemistry i want a straight A in all of this, but how am gonna do it?
I’ve heard of Method of loci and till now i haven’t understand very well how am gonna use this method in every subjects +theirs like 7-9 units per material!

So my question is am i able to get straight A in every material with this method, if yes how am gonna do it in 3 months please this exam will determine my future!

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All four are subjects you need to understand, not just memorize. Especially math and physics will require you to practice a lot. So get practice exercizes and do them a lot. If you have one wrong, really look into it and understand what you should have done.

Biology is mainly understanding what is happening and why it works. You could memorize this as stories or chains of events. The terminology that comes with it can be done with a word system.

Chemistry does depend on what it is you actually have to know. Though in the end, memorizing it works very much the same as the other subjects.


Wow thank you a lot, so what about the equations for each material like physics and math? can i use this method or it’s not worth it?

I hope you’ll get an A for all 4 exams, but you will have to work hard for it and to train your memory every day

Thank you a lot!, i play Dual N Back, Sudoku and chess everyday, is this enough to train my brain also i take Creatine because it improves brain performance!

I also use to play chess and sudoku, these activities train the brain very well

Ah Great then <3