2v2 Team Competition! Hurray 🌠 πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

:sparkles::four_leaf_clover::sparkles:Since there has never (at least what I am aware of):sparkles::four_leaf_clover::sparkles:Team Competitions in memory; therefore I decided it would be fun arranging one.

So, it would basically go like this. We create different teams that go up against each other. And then simply a tournament style from there. Kinda simple.

24th January 2021 2 pm GMT.

So, during the competition it will go like this.


A go against C

B goes against D

The total score of A+B vs C+D Match is what decides.

So for example

A goes 20 Names (1min) and C goes 22 Names

B goes 30 Names (1min) and D goes 25 Names

Then Team AB wins, with a total of 50 names, compared to 47 Names from team CD

And, then it goes down with time.

Lets say Numbers:

A does 40s 80 digits and C 20s 80 digits

B does 45s 80 digits and D 60s 80 digits

Then team CD wins with 80s compared to 85s from Team AB

Each match will go like The League. a total of 6 games, 3 games does each team choose.

The finals will look a little different with more games to be played!

It would be nice to have the teams chosen before the 20th, but at least come 30min before the tournament starts. So everything could be arranged, with at least some breathing room!

Any questions?

Looking forward to see you there! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

People who have shown intress so far:

Mohammed + Rowaa
Niklas + Sanchit
Susanne + Lars

The Matches would go like this with 8 Teams in mind:
4 Rounds and best of 5 until the finals.
-Less than 8 teams, it will be 6 games per round (3 rounds instead of 4). A 7th game will be played if it has been 3-3.
-Finals is winning by 2, after 5 games have been played.
Like in the League Playoffs.

(Down here, change Player to Teams instead)

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Sounds great !

I thought teams would be random (otherwise it will be hard to have a winning chance against a team like Simon + Katie or Alex + Andrea)


If there’s still room, I d be willing to try the format !

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Cool, maybe you wanna pair up with Sylvain? :slight_smile:

Is it too late to be part of this game?

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No, just pair up with someone and all good to go! :slight_smile:

Everyone who have shown intress. Could you submit your teams before Sunday?
That would be super!

Is it possible this year??