280-300 Words of Poetry Each Day

I have been memorizing approximately 300 words of poetry each day for much of this year. I started out with more but have gradually scaled back to allow for reviewing what I’ve learned.

Any memory techniques from those who memorize poetry would be helpful.

I use word counts instead of line counts because a Walt Whitman line is a much different beast than an Emily Dickinson line.

What do you mean? You count the number of words on each line and make those numbers into separate mnemonics? You’re memorizing far more poetry than most of us here, so while you’re waiting for some help, would you mind sharing your own techniques?

Hi Rublev,

I’ve just recently learned about mnemonics, and have found that they are quite useful - among other things - in memorizing poems. I have set aside 15 minutes each day for memorizing poems. My first try was with Hamlet’s most known soliloquy, and tomorrow I’ll being on “Experience” by Emerson, and after that probably a few more short poems before I’ll try my wits against William Blake’s “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”.

My plan is permanent memory of whatever I commit to, and for maintaining my memory storage I use Anki with it’s spaced-repetition algorithm.

I also plan on memorizing large aspects of internal medicine, and I’m concerned about how to catalogue what hopefully - with time - will be a rather large sum of all sorts of knowledge I find enjoyable. I think I have solved the cataloging problems when it comes to medicine. I’m going to assign internal medicine to a town, and subdivide the town into suiting my needs. I think it’ll work out rather well, but I’m also interested in hearing about how others deal with the catalogue-problem.

Are you organizing your poems in a specific way, or do you just use which ever memory palace is convenient at the moment, and if so, does this cause a delay, when you wan’t to find a specific poem (I have the impression, you have a large inner library)?

What joy it is to be able to call poems to mind, one is never quite alone this way, the great poets and their company never being farther away than a mere thought!

Kind regards

How exactly do you use anki for something like poetry?

I memorize poems using memory techniques, and then I use Anki with its spaced-repetition algorithm to keep the memories intact.

Question in Anki: “Recite the 4. monolog of Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”
Answer in Anki: [here I just type the text - if I can’t remember it, I just repair my images - which haven’t been necessary yet]

The procedure is actually quite simple:

  1. use mnemonics to learn poems
  2. keep the memories intact for ever using Anki: the spaced-repetition algorithm keeps track of when you need to refresh a memory (with longer and longer intervals)

I’m currently memorizing Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell if anyone would like to join me. I’ve only just finished plate 2: The Argument, so it’s easy to catch up with me.