26 Images without loci

I got 21 in images without any loci. Just use your numbers system. For the first image you throw a spear into the image for the second you image for number 2 and so on.

26 images now!


26 images now!

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Impressive! SO you are just using the peg system instead of a palace? Do you usually do this for memorization?

No first time without loci I didn’t even know it was called the peg system

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Do you like it better than using locations? Yup, it is easy to turn a number system into a peg system.

Yes, and the improvement is a lot faster
26 images by the second attempt


@Mathmaster impressive.

When I started, I couldn’t even do 21 at first.
Seeing you I remember my day when I started memorizing images.

I also started with peg system , and still using the peg system.

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When you advance to level 10+, you can start to try this. :wink:

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I am already 10+ in images with 30 in 60.00s but I wasn’t seeing the improvement I wanted. This is great thanks.

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Well done!
I actually used a similar method a year ago by using alphabet actions, i.e. A=Arrow (throw dart arrow), B=Bomb… K=Kick etc. So, if the first image was a bowl, I’d imagine throwing a dart arrow at it, next image would get bombed and so on.
This method worked better than I’d thought. It’s not my invention though, I remember someone posting about it in this forum.


I use a similar approach. No loci, just the rhyming system (1 = gun, 2 = shoe etc). My best with this method is 47.97, earlier this month. I also throw out 5 pictures at a time. I’ve gone lower, but made mistakes. Still hoping, though! :slight_smile:

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Nice, how long did it take to get to this point?

It took me much longer than it will take you! :slight_smile:

Back in December 2016, I was on 16 images in 60 seconds. I think I eventually reached 30 in the following year, but it was only last year that I began lowering my times. In November, I got down to 50.38 and have been lowering it slowly since then.

What helped was going from 1 image at a time to seeing 5 on the screen. My first attempt was something like 12 in 60 seconds but as I went along I quickly improved. I don’t think I could manage my current times if I was still looking at one image at a time.

I don’t practice enough. It’s generally not more than one go a day - and sometimes not even that. I know you’re very much younger than me (I’ll be 67 in May!) and you’re improving all the time. You’ll be way faster than I am very quickly. (If you’re not already!)

I should practice more often. (If I did, I’m sure I would have reached my current time in 2017 - but I took a year off and let it all slide.) If I could get to 39.9 seconds I’d be very happy! Not sure I ever will. My reaction times aren’t bad, but I know I’m never going to be able to think as fast as a younger person.

I wish you all the best - and am sure all your times will be very much better before very long.


Nice, I see you have been doing this for a while . Have you been to a competition before? I think you would be great.

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You’re very kind! No, I’ve never been to a competition, though I have taken part in a couple of Memory Leagues.

I’m sure I’d enjoy a real-life competition. My problem with ML is that I get too nervous in one-to-one games. I just can’t relax and my speeds collapse. :frowning:

I hope that won’t discourage you from participating in the world tour happening it would be great to see you there.


It seems like you have the same problem as mine.

I have a potential to memorize fastly but when I compete in memory league 1 to 1 competition, I totally get nervous and can’t concentrate.
And feel very bad about that time because It seems like I know a multiplication table of 2 but can’t speak it when my teacher ask this.

So that’s my problem not memorization is my problem.


Nice to know it’s not just me! :slight_smile:

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Sound good to me. I like the idea of Alphabet Actions, which I had not seen before.

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Here is my contribution with memorising images.

Here are the pegs with the actions you can use to memorize images in the correct order. Place these actions on the images mentally, and or the items you want to memorize.

1 = Throw the Spear

2 = Blow Fire

3 = Stick a Fork In it

4 = Knife Cut

5 = Hand Slap

6 = Pan Hit

7 = Bomb Explode

8 = Ball Bounce On

9 = Fist Punch

10 = Cook

11 = Drum

12 = Slide

13 = Shoot

14 = Sit

15 = Wheel

16 = Pull

17 = Axe

18 = Sweep

19 = Stamp on

20 = Crawl

21 = Money Rain

22 = Dance

23 = Peck

24 = Alarm

25 = Open

26 = Pour

27 = Dig

28 = Bite

29 = Push

30 = Blow

This list gives you at least 30 photos, or everyday items to memorize one by one in the correct order.

Doing this I had managed to memorise 30 images in 21 seconds which was my best performance back in 2018. I have not managed to beat it yet, but I’m happy to memorise 30 images in 1 minute. It’s still good for 51 year old like myself. So this method works well even tho it may not be the fastest way, but still works well and fast enough

I’ve also explained how I memorise images on this link here. If you like these, then you can download the images for them and use it.