237^5 calculated!

Really starting to test my limits.
3 digit numbers are tough but still doable to the 5th power.

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How can you POSSIBLY do that?!? I am not particularly skilled at mental math, so to me that is an unbelievable feat of skill. I mean, my some-time goal is to eventually be able to square three digit numbers and that is almost impossible for me at the moment… any advice? (On methods, how to practice, anything really)

Very interesting. Did you calculate 237*237*237*237*237?

I’ve tried this calculation too. My method was to first square 237 with cross-multiplication, then square the result again with cross-multiplication. In the end I multiplicated the result with 237 just like in school, which probably took the most time. I used my 3-digit system and the linking method to memorize interim results in order to compensate for your exceptional number memory.

I got a slightly wrong result (702,724,704,957) because I swapped two digits near the end in an interim result (wrongly memorized 49,648,696,830 instead of 94,648,696,830). Stopped time was 23:19:43, which is around 1400 seconds.

My point is that you should really try to use shortcuts. I almost beat you by a factor of 2 in time here although my mental calculation ability is nowhere near yours.

Yes :smiley:

Speed is not my goal, haha :slight_smile:
I am trying to show the extend of my natural abilities, what I can do without any shortcuts. So far, it’s been fun.

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Okay, in this case ignore my advice from above please. I didn’t know that :slight_smile:

You are really special!