2022 Memory League World Championship

The 2022 Memory League World Championship will be held from 16-30 January.

16 competitors from the top of the Memory League world rankings will compete remotely in a double-elimination tournament, in which competitors are eliminated after losing two matches.

Matches will be played in the following time windows:

  • Round 1: 16 - 18 Jan GMT
  • Round 2: 19 - 21 Jan GMT
  • Round 3: 22 - 24 Jan GMT
  • Round 4: 25 - 27 Jan GMT
  • Round 5: 28 Jan (Friday) GMT
  • Round 6: 29 Jan (Saturday) GMT
  • Round 7: 30 Jan (Sunday) GMT

Competitors play one match per round while they remain in the championship. Each match has been scheduled at a time as convenient as possible for both competitors.

All matches are the best of 3 sets, as in the Slams. The first game of each match is a surprise event.

The championship matches will be broadcast live with commentary at Memory Sports TV. See the Memory League home page for the schedule of matches in your time zone.

The World Champion and runner-up will each receive a trophy, and there will be some prize money (amount to be confirmed) for competitors according to the round reached in the tournament, with separate prizes for the best score in each event.


Sir,so is this the 4th world memory league championship?

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