2021 Russia Open Memory League Championship (Online)

Hello everyone! We are glad to present you the Open Russia Memory League Championship, which will be held 2021-10-11T06:00:00Z2021-10-31T18:00:00Z.

Link to full championship rules:

Referring to the registration form (will close on 2021-10-14T15:00:00Z):

This tournament is open to any participants from all over the world. But it has its own specifics.

Russia MLC consists of three stages.
1st and 2nd stages - qualification, which is held on the website MemoryMan.ru

The third stage is finals the Russia MLC, the structure of which is similar to other MLCs.

Here you can read the full rules of the championship:

And below I will describe the main points of the rules. :point_down:t2:

:moneybag:Participation fee: free :moneybag:

Online tournament consists of three parts, each of which takes a week. Part 1 and Part 2 are qualifications on MemoryMan.ru. And Part 3, the final one is on ML.

We hold an online tournament every six months. This tournament will be the 4th in order. But this is the first championship that received the status “Russia MLC”

Applications for participation: The tournament is open, so everyone can participate. But initially the tournament was planned as a Russian one, so the language settings are limited:
As there were many applications from Poland, we added the Polish language to MemoryMan in the disciplines “words” and “spoken numbers”. We recently added English.

According to the results of the Part 1, the participants are divided into three categories: pros (elite division), amateurs (2nd division) and beginners (3rd division). We do this manually, basing on the results in the tournament and the known potential of the participants (in order to exclude the strong participants from falling into the weak divisions). All participants who have made their attempts go to the second stage.

Part 2 is the main qualification. The best performing competitors in each division go to Part 3.

In the Part 3, we plan to bring 8, 6 or 4 participants in each category depending on the number of participants in the Part 2 (assessed in each category separately).
There are elimination duels like in the Olympic system. If it is OK to bring 6 participants we want to make 2 small groups of 3 participants each, the winners of which compete in the final games, and the second places compete for the 3rd place.

The tournament is completely non-commercial, and when there occur sponsorship funds, we direct them to the prizes in full. We do not know if there will be sponsors this time, but we are definitely planning to have some prizes.

All participants of the part 2 get e-certificates of participation indicating the category in which they competed.

We make prizes like this:

(Distribution into 1/2/3 places)
Elite Division - 12/6/4 Months subscription to Memory League
Amateurs -3/2/2 Months
Beginners - 2/1/1 Months

These are the minimum prizes we want to make even if there are no sponsors.

We broadcast previous tournaments live on social networks, the main of which was Ассоциация мнемоспорта России | VK. (This is the most widespread social network in Russia) And also on Facebook (Redirecting...) and Instagram (Login • Instagram), we are ready to simultaneously announce everything related to the tournament at AOM.

We post all information in open sources on our pages in social networks. We also regularly have live broadcasts with reviews of the results during the tournament. The main platform for live broadcasts is also Ассоциация мнемоспорта России | VK, the main broadcast language is Russian, as is the audience. Anyway, we can help with the translation during the communication between Russian and English speaking participants.

In the Part 2, a mandatory requirement is to play with the camera live (as in SLAMs on ML).

If you are ready to join us, you are welcome! :trophy:


Hello, @zonjan! It will be great if you inform the guys from Poland about the tournament. We have tried to add polish to our platform. :wink:


Hi @Ilya_Gubenko
It would be great if you can add Arabic
If that’s not possible
If possible we can do the words on IAM training software
If possible
Thanks :blush:


As far as I know, there may be a very limited word base on the IAM site. On MemoryMan.ru we have chosen the following formula for compiling the base: 7000 concrete nouns, 1000 abstract nouns, 1000 verbs, 1000 adjectives. If you can prepare such a word base, I will send it to the programmer. There is a chance to be in time for this tournament :wink:


It’s very larg amount


At stage 2 you should memorize 50 words
Is it possible to add another one which isn’t dependent on the language ?


Maybe 4 discipline and take the top 3


sir,is the scores we get in stage 1 and 2 before oct 11 will be accounted or it will be refreshed??

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Hello vishvaa! Yes, the results table will be cleared before the start of the tournament.

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We would not like to change the rules now, on the eve of the tournament.

But this is a great idea for next time. Perhaps this will happen very soon (in the middle of winter).

And by then we will be able to add Arabic to the platform.:wink:


OK thanks Illy

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Hello everyone! Round 1 of our tournament has started today.

At the moment we have 103 registrations from 10 different countries of the world!

The first phase will continue throughout the week. And at the end we will publish the results and divide the participants into three divisions.

We wish good luck to all memory athletes!

Here is the list of participants:

Как вас зовут? (ФИО) Город проживания
1 Наталия Лозовская Брянск
2 Краснощёков Дмитрий Александрович Видное
3 Панфилов Александр Николаевич Волжск
4 Арбиев Мансур Рустамович Ессентуки
5 Андрей Ващенко Ессентуки
6 Алиса Ващенко Ессентуки
7 Кукиев Владислав Карпович Ессентуки
8 Проценко Варя Ессентуки
9 Арджанова Аделина Ессентуки
10 Парамончик Елена Иркутск
11 Кирдяшкин Александр Сергеевич Калуга
12 Журавлёв Руслан Александрович Кисловодск
13 Щетинина Юлия Денисовна Краснодар
14 Алиева Камилла Мурадовна Махачкала
15 Раджабова Маржият Магомедалиевна Махачкала
16 Дмитрий Фитисов Олегович Москва
17 Кривенко Вероника Москва
18 Рунов Константин Алексеевич Москва
19 Слесарчук Ярослав Валериевич Москва
20 Сорс Антон Юрьевич Москва
21 Щербаков Даниил Юрьевич Москва
22 Писанко Наталия Глебовна Москва
23 Козлов Кирилл Сергеевич Москва
24 Нодирбек Иномов Улугбек угли Москва
25 Маскина Ольга Сергеевна Нижний Новгород
26 Бондаренко Анна Пятигорск
27 Масленникова Екатерина Евгеньевна Пятигорск
28 Иван Яковенко Пятигорск
29 Яковенко Иван Иванович Пятигорск
30 Яковенко Софья Ивановна Пятигорск
31 Павлова Екатерина Игоревна Ржев
32 Рахимов Данис Динарович с. Маранка
33 Арнст Александр Антонович Санкт-Петербург
34 Демченко Дарья Санкт-Петербург
35 Кахановская Наталья Евгеньевна Санкт-Петербург
36 Панкова Анна Сергеевна Санкт-Петербург
37 Александр Исаченко Санкт-Петербург
38 Подольская Екатерина Денисовна Санкт-Петербург
39 Панкова Анна Сергеевна Санкт-Петербург
40 Светлана Магда Санкт-Петербург
41 Рябинина Елизавета Евгеньевна Санкт-Петербург
42 Иванова софия игоревна Санкт-Петербург
43 Арджанова Николетта Дмитриевна ст. Ессентукская
44 Арджанова Лариса Дмитриевна Ст. Ессентукская
45 Аушев Ибрагим Муссаевич Ставрополь
46 Димидов Михаил Александрович Ставропольский край
47 Еременко Егор Андреевич Старотитаровская
48 Гоп Сергей Сергеевич Томск
49 Рахимова Аделина Риатовна Тюмень
50 Беляев Айдар Леонидович Уфа
51 Балюк Дарья Александровна Ялуторовск
52 Белоус Александр Михайлович Ялуторовск
53 Маргарита Михайловна Бондаренко Ялуторовск
54 Наймушина Дана Ялуторовск
55 Denis Bachinin Ялуторовск
56 Ушаров Глеб Владиленович Ялуторовск
57 Don Michael Vickers Canada, Sydney Mines
58 Кунц Елизавета Germany, Freiburg
59 Кунц Милана Germany, Freiburg
60 Raja Dodve India
61 Vivek T India, Banglore
62 Vishvaa Rajakumar India, puducherry
63 Биба Саугабаева Kazakhstan, Нур-Султан
64 Султанмахмут Есенкелдиев Kazakhstan, Шахтинск
65 Feruzabonu Kyrgyzstan
66 Мыктыбек уулу Арген Kyrgyzstan, Бишкек
67 Савицкий Андрей Витальевич Latvia, Рига
68 Paweł Milczarek Poland
69 Łukasz Kastelik Poland, Wrocław
70 Ikramov Maxmudjon Sydney Mines
71 Ткаченко Антон Александрович Ukraine, Буча
72 Гловацкий Дмитрий Юрьевич Ukraine, Киев
73 Ibrohimjon Uzbekistan
74 Муминбаев Шахжахон Жамшидович Uzbekistan
75 Abdurahim Uzbekistan
76 olimjon tulokov Uzbekistan
77 Гаффоров Шермухаммад Улугбекович Uzbekistan Ташкент
78 Raxmonov Ozodbek Ravshan o’g’li Uzbekistan Navoiy
79 Shavkat Uzbekistan Respublikasi Navoiy viloyati Nurota tumani
80 G’afurov Abdurasul Uzbekistan Samarkhand
81 Umar Uzbekistan Toshkent
82 Рахимова Гулистон Музаффаровна Uzbekistan, Мангит
83 Рахманов Леонид Евгеньевич Uzbekistan, Наманган
84 Beknazov Jasur Uzbekistan, Ташкент
85 Жасурбек Фахриддинов Uzbekistan, Ташкент
86 Залоат Uzbekistan, Ташкент
87 Махкамов Дониёр Неъматович Uzbekistan, Ташкент
88 Marjona Abdukayumova Uzbekistan, Ташкент
89 Гаффоров Шермухаммад Улугбекович Uzbekistan, Ташкент
91 Мирдадоева Юлдуз Uzbekistan, Худжанд
92 Islomxo’ja Madaminov Uzbekistan, Andijan
93 Ozodbek Uzbekistan, Angren
94 Muhammadjon Vahobjonov Abduhamid o’g’li Uzbekistan, Ferghana
95 Ibrohimjon Uzbekistan, Jizzakh
97 Mirzayev Sherzod Shermat o’g’li Uzbekistan, Khorezm, Bagat
96 Shohruh Uzbekistan, Jizzakh
98 Akbar Salimov Uzbekistan, Qashqadaryo,G’uzor
99 Abdufattokhov Javohir Uzbekistan, Samarkand
100 Nazarbek Uzbekistan, Samarqand
101 Samariddinov Zuhriddin Asomiddinovich Uzbekistan, Tashkent
102 Yusupov Bekzodjon Uzbekistan, Tashkent
103 Sharapov Sohib Sodikovich Uzbekistan,Toshkent

Going to have to read this!


do you mean Cyrillic? :sweat_smile: