2020: When, Where and How Many Memory Competition is Held This Year PLease :D

I only know that the IAM world memory competition is held in India this year, nothing else. Was planning to come out in 2021 but can’t wait that long now XD. Anyone planning to go to one? Hit me up ^.^

This is true right? XD


That’s the WMSC World Memory Championship (which is basically China, North Korea and a few more countries from Asia), not the IAM. The IAM is still looking for a host (application deadline for countries to host it is the 15th of January), so we’ll probably only hear about their World Memory Championship location by the end of January/beginning of February. If you’re interested in participating in the competition in India, it’s worth noting though that the WMSC has announced that athletes who participated in a non-WMSC memory competition are not welcome to their events anymore.

As for national memory competitions: most of them don’t have a fixed date yet. They usually only finalise the exact dates a few months in advance. You could try to check out this IAM page to see (some) of the competitions that happened in the last year (there are quite some events missing from that calendar). It’s quite likely that the same competitions will happen in 2020 again, often around the same time. A good way to stay updated about which competitions will happen is to follow the IAM Facebook page, or the World Memory Championships Facebook Group.

In what country do you live, btw? Might help us to better help you in finding competitions that will happen closer to you.


Thank you so much for the replay, it really helped as I dont know much about memory competitions at all. But I did know there’s 2 different organisations through some youtube videos, and that one of them use to only welcome European people (correct me if I am wrong).


I am currently living in Australia, it would be awsome if IAM place the world memory championship here. I told my mom I was gonna go to India this year, then she went on about all the bad side of India to me XD

As far as I am aware, there has never been a World Memory Championship where competitors have been prohibited from competing (at least not in the past 10 years), be it IAM or WMSC. I think there were a few cases in 2018 when some Asian athletes had VISA issues coming to the World Championship in Austria (not sure how many, and I don’t know the exact details eithers), but that’s it. With that said, it’s quite natural that a World Memory Championship that is held in Europe will not have as many athletes present from Asia, and vice versa, simply because the travel costs can be quite substantial.

I don’t think it’s very likely that Australia will apply, but who knows. :wink: There might be some National Australian Memory Championship in 2020, but you’d have to talk with the people involved in that for more information. Anastasia Woolmer and Tansel Ali (two of the previous Australian National Memory Champions) might know more, so I would advise you to get in contact with them if you want to try competing in Australia.


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