2019 Scandinavia Open Memory League Championship

(Simon Orton) #1

The third Scandinavia Open Memory League Championship is on this weekend, in Lund, Sweden. As usual, you’ll be able to watch along on the Memory League site. Competitors include:

  • Ben Pridmore
  • Florian Minges
  • Idriz Zogaj
  • Konstantin Skudler
  • Martin Nilsson
  • Victor Bull

This championship will be the first to use International names - it will be interesting to see what kind of scores people can manage!

(Silvio B.) #2

Nice! I hope I can watch some matches. What time does it start?

Good luck to all competitors :slight_smile:

(Simon Orton) #3

Good question!

The seeding round (solo trials) starts at 12 noon on Saturday, Swedish time. The group stage will follow, around 1:15pm.

The finals start at Sunday 10am Swedish time.

There will also be a separate competition for local amateurs happening on Saturday starting at 10am, but that will just look like regular games on the Memory League site. The top two there will join in the open championship on day 2.

(Silvio B.) #4




(Simon Orton) #6

Day 2 (the finals) will be starting in a couple of hours. Watch along at https://app.memoryleague.com!

The first game of the quarter finals, semi finals, third place match and final will be surprise events.


I look forward to watching the games today!


Final Results:

  1. Konstantin Skudler
  2. Ben Pridmore
  3. Florian Minges
  4. Martin Nilsson
  5. Victor Bull
  6. Idriz Zogaj
  7. David Andersson
  8. Alva Nihlgard

Direct Link to the Tournament Tree: https://app.memoryleague.com/#!/championships/scandinavia2019/finals

It was an incredibly fun competition (as always), much thanks to Martin (who did almost everything locally) and @Simon (who was there remotely for us during the whole competition despite being in a faraway country and timezone). Really amazing surprise events as well (especially the one in the Finals, as you can see below). :smiley:

== Surprise Events ==

All of the play-off matches started with a surprise event - basically something that we haven’t practiced on before. The competitors would get the instructions and 5 minutes of preparation time, and then we would start. And after that it was a game best of 5, where the loser of the surprise event was allowed to select the next discipline (and then alternating until someone reached 3 wins). You can check out all of the games on the link above, or below. :slight_smile:

Quarter Finals 1 & 2 - 30 white square Images with colored shapes in some or all of the corners. (Instructions)
Quarter Finals 3 & 4 - 30 white square Images with card suit symbols in some or all of the corners. (Instructions)

Semi Finals 1 & 2 - 30 Names, but where the faces were just the back of people’s heads. (Instructions)

Third-Place Match - 50 Words, where each word was a binary string of variable length. (Instructions)

Final - 30 Images of Memory League co-founder Simon Orton, with a variety of facial expressions. (Instructions)

Funny little thing that happened: Martin and me tied in the surprise event in the match for third place, so to decide who would get to pick the next discipline, Idriz wrote down a number between 1-100 and had us both guess what it was, where the closest one would be allowed to pick first. Since we’re both smartasses, we both picked 50 independent of each other. So we had to flip a coin instead. :smiley:

(Silvio B.) #9

Surprise events are always fun to watch :slight_smile:


What a great event and yes I agree with Silvio, the surprise events are a lot of fun !

How can we set one up in France ?

What do you need to organise one ? I would love to host a French ML open in 2019 !


I would love to see the surprise events implemented into ML.
Also binary as well, not sure why there is no binary practice in ML.

(Simon Orton) #12

Nice championship report from Ben on his blog here:

(Simon Orton) #13

A championship in France would be great! We’ll contact you in the next few days to discuss.


Thank a lot Simon !