2019 IAM French Memory Open

All information available there:


The registration link in the post seems to be incorrect though. Here’s the correct one: https://forms.gle/tdKoV7FX2thEyGot6


Thanks for the info !
Maybe I’ll try my luck :slight_smile:
Do you know when is the last date to registrate ?

For now, I just used memory for fun, I have no idea how to prepare for this :fearful:

Do it, do it!

We’ll update the post with the last date to registrate, but it’s probably going to be one month before the competition.

There’s plenty of information on this forum about ways of training, making systems, etc. and you can also join the “groupe mnémoniste francophone” on fb if you want :slight_smile:

Subscribed :wink:
Anyone else going and willing to train ?

I don’t really go on fb

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Can we just assist without participating in the tournament ? If yes, how much is the entry ?

Thanks !

Hmm, think I might go and compete for my first time, I’ve always used memory techniques for practical material only but am fast enough at memorising numbers, it would be good to give myself the challenge so I’d be fast at speed cards and binary

It’s free to attend without competing. There probably won’t be too much to actually see during the events though, it’s basically just like an exam, a large very silent room with people looking at their computers for extended periods of time. But the fun usually lies between the events, when the competitors exit the room, talk about their performances, exchange about techniques, training methods, etc. The last event, speed cards is the most interesting to witness. If you’re around for speed cards, you can even assist as a volunteer: basically just standing still, looking at someone memorizing a deck of cards in 5 minutes, reordering a second deck in 5 minutes and then helping them compare both decks!


Sounds good with a challenge :slight_smile: And you’ve got 8 ½ weeks left to train, plenty of time!

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Getting to know the folks competing and getting a bit of insight is exactly what I’m looking for haha!

I also want to see the events and have a feel of the whole event so I can prepare and hopefully be ready for next year.

The thing is, I am french, but I spend my days mostly in an English environment. I’m even learning other languages through english…not french. And since i’ve encountered the art of memory, everything has always been in english.

So meeting the French Mnemonist might give me a better idea of how I should really train or so I hope. Mother tongue versus most used language…

Thanks for the answer! Really appreciated.

A summary of the event and the results can be found on Facebook.

In short:
Andrea Muzii won the event, while simultaneously breaking 3 World Records.
@Zoomy placed 2nd, tightly followed by Preeda Hongpimolmas.
@guillaumepetitjean became the French champion.


It’s Muzii 's birthday today also, nice birthday ! :birthday:

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and its , apparently, Ben Pridmore’s 43rd tomorrow. So he claims anyways.

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Congrats on the 30 minute numbers record @Sylle

Thanks :slight_smile: