2019 Canadian Memory Championship

The 2019 Canadian Memory Championship is coming up very soon in just a few weeks and so I though to start a thread.

The registration now stands at 10 participants with at least one person in each and everyone of the many sections we have. We will have 9 medals and a trophy to award.

Although the venue is the same as last year, Trireme, the competition will actually take place in an larger adjacent room from where we were last year.

Most people coming from far away places enjoy visiting the Canadian National Exhibition that takes place in Toronto every year that weekend.


Everything is set for this weekend. Registration now stands at 14 with a battle for medals expected in every section but the kid section.
Only a few more registrations can be accepted at this point. This year again, we will have a mental math challenge.

Also, on the same day, we will have the first Pan-Provincial Memory Championship with the winners of Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec participating from Winnipeg, Toronto (GTA) and Montreal.


Edmonton comes first and second at the 2019 Canadian Memory Championships

Toronto (GTA) – Sept. 1/2019 – Devraj Hansdah of Edmonton won the 2019 Canadian Memory Championship followed by James Gerwing also of Edmonton which took place at the Trireme Academy in Toronto (GTA). In third place was Justin Justin Bimbrahw , a maths teacher in the GTA, who decided to attend when he noticed there would also be a separate math challenge at this competition.

In the Junior Section, Krish Patel of the Toronto GTA won the title of Canadian Memory Champion unopposed and in the Senior Section, Lloyd Miller won the Senior title in like manner.

We are still awaiting the results of the first Pan-Provincial Memory Championship. At this point it seems like it will be either Tom Awad or James Gerwing.

In the Open Section, Livan Grijalva set a new overall record for the Canadian Memory Championships at Names and Faces with 48 points, came quite close to doing the same with Words. In numbers, he was far above everyone else present at the competition and he finished at Speedcards with another Canadian Memory Championship Record, memorizing his deck perfectly in 38.4 seconds. (Shaving 10 seconds off of his own 2015 record) There is little doubt at this point that his performance rating, once we calculate it, will be the highest ever achieved at the Canadian Memory Championships even surpassing the mark established last year by Johnny Briones, Grandmaster of Memory. Here is the video of his winning Speed Cards attempt https://we.tl/t-Mp5ajjEvTD

The full results and photos will be coming shortly.

Here are the champs busy recalling their decks at Speed Cards: https://we.tl/t-xIvYLAodvM

Check out this after competition chat with the 2019 Canadian Memory Champion Devraj Hansdah: https://we.tl/t-wlaqCbxfWj

Here’s a greeting of memory competitor Bo Cheng midway to the event https://we.tl/t-FrYOdkn1bI


There were errors in the correction of the memory disciplines and as a result. First and second place need to be switched. James Gerwing is the 2019 Canadian Memory Champion.